Cheap cat foods|Wellness Kitten Health Cat Food, 5 lb,14-Ounce Bag



Wellness Kitten Health Cat Food, 5 lb,14-Ounce Bag

Wellness Kitten Health Cat Food, 5 lb,14-Ounce Bag

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Product Features:
- Digestive health and increased digestibility scores
- Cognitive development and eye/brain health with DHA fatty acid
- This is the Wellness Way to enjoy life's everyday indulgences.

Product Description:
Kitten Health is a well-rounded, everyday diet of meats, grains and fruits. We have focused on the nutrition that growing kittens need to develop at the right pace from weaning to 1 year. Holistic Nutrition for your Growing Cat - Optimal Energy Levels for Growing Kittens A focus on Urinary Tract Health with: Ideal balance of calories between protein and fat to help maintain ideal body weight while supporting healthy, steady growth. Healthy Bone and Muscle Growth - Increased Protein Only animal protein sources. Complete amino-acid profile. Cognitive Development & Eye/Brain Health - with guaranteed amounts of natural DHA fatty acid, the same nutrient found in mothers milk. Immune System Health - with guaranteed amounts of natural L-Lysine, proven to help kittens immune response to upper respiratory infections, a problem often afflicting young kittens. Skin & Coat Health - Increased smell and flavor from only natural sources (chicken fat & natural chicken or fish flavors). Optimal fatty acid ratio. Digestive Health- Get growing stomachs off to the right start. More Nutrition for Every Kibble - Increased digestibility scores.

Customer review:
I have both my Kitten and Adult cat on Wellness formulas. I've noticed that the product is always fresh, because it has a nice smell and a crispier crunch than any of the other brands we'ved tried in the past. They also prefer the the taste over past brands. My older cat also tends to have digestive issues, but her movements have been normal and less stinky with Wellness.

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