Cheap cat foods|Royal Canin Dry Cat Food, Oral Sensitive 30 Formula, 6-Pound Bag



Royal Canin Dry Cat Food, Oral Sensitive 30 Formula, 6-Pound Bag

Royal Canin Dry Cat Food, Oral Sensitive 30 Formula, 6-Pound Bag

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Some cats have a bucco-dental sensitivity. Two out of three cats are affected, and these mouth and tooth disorders often result in bad breath. Giving your cat's teeth a daily brushing is the most effective solution for combating dental plaque and for combating the buildup of tartar. But the appropriate food can also be a convenient way to promote healthy oral hygiene. Size and texture promote chewing, produce a mechanical brushing effect and reduce ingestion rate; purified cellulose stimulates the kibble breakdown in the alimentary tract to reduce the risk of vomiting. A kibble whose shape and flexible texture produce a mechanical brushing effect on dental plaque and tartar deposits when chewed and a supply of chelated calcium compounds to help limit tartar formation and promote good oral hygiene. An exclusive combination of viscous and insoluble fibers (Psyllium) improves intestinal transit and promote the elimination of hairballs. Ergonomic kibble size and texture promote chewing and reduce the food ingestion rate, and purified cellulose stimulates the breakdown of the kibbles in the alimentary tract; therefore the risk of vomiting is reduced. Available in 6 lbs.
Customer review:
I was at wits end when I stumbled across this cat food. For the past couple years I've been feeding my indoor hand-me-down cat of indeterminate age canned food, since she would vomit whenever she ate dry food.

Lately she started vomiting part of the time even with the canned food. In addition, at the annual pet check-up two months ago, the vet commented that she had some fairly bad plaque build-up on her teeth, which he said was probably caused by her soft food diet. He recommended adding some water to her dry food in order to prevent the vomiting. It didn't work.

A desperate google search on "cat vomit" turned up the Royal Canin oral sensitive option. Several cat owners reported that feeding this dry food eliminated vomiting. Though I couldn't think of a reason that it would actually work I decided to try a bag. That was several days ago, and I am very pleased to report that we're going on day 3 "cat vomit free."

Maybe I'll actually be able to get that new carpet....

At the cat's next check-up I'll be able to report on any change in the vet's description of her oral condition, but that might not be until next year.

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