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Friskies Flaked Cat Food

Friskies Cat Food Flaked with Tuna & Egg in Sauce, 5.5-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24)

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Customer review:
Awhile back I decided to set an example and fix 80 cats in my neighborhood. At first the feeding cleaning and care of all those cats was overwhelming and very expensive. A few years into the program I thought I might have to stop due to health and old age, but I was shopping on Amazon and saw cat food. WOW, There it was pages of Friskies canned catfood on sale and shipped using SUPER SAVER. I now have 60 cats and adore the great karma they put out. Thanks to Amazon I get wonderful prices and don't have to lug hundreds of pounds of food home each week.If you are taking care of ferals or have only one indoor kitty you MUST check out the huge range of flavors and friskie products in the grocery section of Amazon you will be delightfully surprised :-)

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