Cheap cat foods|Tiki Cat Tahitian Grill - Sardine Cutlets (12/2.8oz cans)



Tiki Cat Tahitian Grill - Sardine Cutlets (12/2.8oz cans)

Tiki Cat Tahitian Grill - Sardine Cutlets (12/2.8oz cans)

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Product Features:
- Certified Dolphin-safe by the International Dolphin Conservation Program
- Manufactured in a human food-grade factory - all fish is hand-cut and filleted
- All ingredients are fresh, whole foods, food-grade raw materials
- Many vets across the nation approve for use in UTI, CRF, IBS, and other serious health conditions
- Seafood sourced from the South Pacific - lowest mercury and pollutant levels

Customer review:
When you open a can, you see sardine cutlets. Looks and smells just like human grade sardines in a can. Great thing is these are balanced for a feline diet with all the needed vitamins and minerals.

Very good quality cat food and the cats enjoy it. Made at a human food factory with human grade ingredients. I try to use this brand, BFF, Weurva and then for dry food Orijen cat food. My Himalayan cats are on a no grain, no gluten/filler diet. This wet food in combination with the dry has led to great coats, no hair balls, good energy and solid not too stinky poo :)

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