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Newman's Own Organics Adult Cat Dry Formula

Newman's Own Organics Adult Cat Formula, 4.75-Pound Bag

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Customer review:
Approximately 20 years ago, I began to exclusively feed our cats Iams or Science Diet. Those brands were recommended by our Veterinarian after our first cat showed signs of Feline Urinary Syndrome (FUS). I had previously fed the cats the typical brands such as 9 Lives, Purina and Friskies.

I continued with IAMS and Science Diet, because the other brands caused FUS, caused other digestive problems and the good reputation of IAMS and Science Diet.

Then last year, one of our cats developed bladder disease and died.

Not long afterward, the pet food scandal broke. Cat and dog food from nearly every pet food company, including premium foods like IAMS and Science, were tainted by melamine. More than 150 brands of cat and dog food were recalled. IAMS and Science Diet were two of the recalled brands, as was natural sounding brands such as Nutro.

I vowed to never again purchase pet food from the brands that had betrayed my trust. I began searching for pet food that was all natural and organic. Newman's Own is both natural and organic. It was also one of the few brands not recalled. Although it was difficult to find a local source, I finally found a few, including Amazon.

My cats love Newman's Own canned and dry food. They also love Innova EVO. I love it because I don't have to worry about tainted food poisoning my cats.

1. Peace of mind
2. Does not cause FUS, as did Purina and other similar brands
3. Much less likely to be tainted by lethal contaminants
4. The cats love it
5. Does not cause the other digestive problems.

1. It is more expensive than the non-premium brands
2. It can be difficult to find a nearby store that sells Newman's Own.

Overall, the pros outweigh the cons. And I can now add Amazon to my list of sources for the food.

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