Cheap cat foods|Wellness CORE Grain-Free, Original Formula Adult Cat and Kitten Food, 5lb.14oz



Wellness CORE Grain-Free, Original Formula Adult Cat and Kitten Food, 5lb.14oz

Wellness CORE Grain-Free, Original Formula Adult Cat and Kitten Food, 5lb.14oz

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Product Features

  • Higher protein inclusion with over 80% high quality animal protein
  • Potatoes provide fiber without use of grains
  • This is the Wellness Way to enjoy life's everyday indulgences.

Product Description

Wellness CORE - Fish & Fowl for Adult Cats & Kittens. De-boned Turkey, De-boned Chicken, Chicken Meal, Whitefish & Salmon Meals. Wellness has redefined the world of grain-free cat food! We have developed a 50% protein diet with the most meat possible in a dry cat food while still controlling fat and mineral levels! The essence of the raw feeding philosophy is nutrient-rich, high-quality meat - and lots of it. That's the same philosophy behind Wellness CORE. But that's not all. This unique, grain-free formula also supports and nurtures your cat's inside... their essence... their Core. Features: Higher Protein Inclusion: CORE features the highest inclusions of meat possible in a dry cat food, with over 80% high-quality, animal protein ingredients. Balanced Mineral Ratios: CORE's unique formula includes guaranteed maximums of calcium, phosphorous and magnesium with natural minerals from kelp. Grain Free: Free of grains, CORE also keeps carbs to a minimum. Potatoes provide fiber and help hold the food together. Fruits & Botanicals: Tomato Pomace and Cranberries provide valuable phytonutrients, with additional natural benefits of botanical extracts. Living Food With ActiCoat: After cooking, each kibble is coated with a source of live naturally-occurring micro-organisms normally found in the healthy digestive tract.

 Customer review

My 11-year-old cat is very pioky. She will allow nothing to pass her lips except dry cat food and water...no canned cat food, milk, meat, cheese, treats...nada. So it is almost impossible to give her any kind of medication. She had developed a cough and showed some other signs of aging. After reading about the benefits of a grain-free diet I got Wellness Core for her, which she enjoyed right from the beginning . But I got too enthusiasitic about finding something she enjoyed so much, and increased the percentage of the new food too fast. She got the first stomach upset of her life with diarrhea and vomiting and feeling bad for a day, but recovered after a 24-hour fast. I backed up with the new food, and now, after about six weeks, I am up to about half the Wellness and the rest her old dry food. She is doing fantasticly! Her coat is lovely and silky, and she plays more than ever. The coughing has stopped. Her stools are great and there has been no vomiting except for two fur balls. I am delighted with the results of the change to Wellness Core. 

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