Cheap cat foods|Blue Buffalo Longevity Dry Food for Adult Cats, 5.5-Pound Bag



Blue Buffalo Longevity Dry Food for Adult Cats, 5.5-Pound Bag

Blue Buffalo Longevity Dry Food for Adult Cats, 5.5-Pound Bag

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Product Features

  • Contains a wide variety of anti-aging nutrients that have been shown to fight the development of age-related diseases.
  • Made with nutrient-rich ingredients with a low caloric density.
  • Specially formulated with nutrients that have been shown to help your pet live a long, healthy life.

Product Description

Longevity Adult cat food helps support her specific needs with ingredients that have been shown to help with: lean muscle development; energy for an active life; immune system health; healthy skin and coat; strong teeth and bones. Nutrient-Rich Ingredients. Lower Caloric Density. Taste Cats Love: BLUE Longevity healthy cat food is a delicious blend of lean protein, nutrient-rich vegetables and fruits and wholesome whole grains. 

Customer review

My cat thoroughly enjoys this food, and she can be a picky eater. She would not touch the other flavors of Blue Buffalo, before they changed the shape and style of the food. But she eats the Longevity. I also feed this brand to my dogs.

Blue Buffalo uses high quality ingredients and no cheap fillers like corn and wheat. It is all natural, with no by-product meals, which means your cat is not eating hooves and beaks. With the pet food scares recently, I am very picky about what to feed my pets. I feel that Blue is safe, especially since it is manufactured in the U.S.


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