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Wellness Indoor Health Adult Cat Food Bag

Wellness Indoor Health Adult Cat Food Bag, 5-Pound
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Product Features

  • Weight management
  • Hairball management with omega fatty acids and increased fiber
  • This is the Wellness Way to enjoy life's everyday indulgences.

Product Description

Indoor Health is a well-rounded, solution-focused diet of meats, grains and fruits for cats that live indoors. These cats tend to gain weight (lifestyle is more sedentary), experience dry skin (from continued exposure to indoor air and heat), and have increased hairballs (from constant grooming and hair loss from dry skin). All of these issues seem worse to their respective owners who interact much more with their indoor cat including a close watch of litter box use or more lap time. With this in mind, we have focused on lifestyle specific nutrition for healthy and happy indoor cats and their owners. Holistic Nutrition for your Indoor Adult Cat - A focus on Urinary Tract Health for ideal urine pH. Stones will not form in urine that is neither too acidic or too alkaline. Help prevent urinary calcium and/or magnesium stones from forming. Low mineral levels without the use of corn or corn gluten. Natural urine acidifiers and bacteria fighters with 3 distinct sources of cranberries. Increased levels of fiber to help move hairballs through the digestive tract. Omega Fatty Acids promote healthy skin, thus the reduction of hair loss. Less fat and fewer calories support a more sedentary indoor lifestyle. With guaranteed amounts of L-Carnitine to promote increased fat metabolism. Fights the bacteria that causes odor from the inside, yucca shidigera helps manage fecal odor. More Nutrition for Every Kibble - Increased digestibility scores. 

Customer review

After all of the pet food scares a few years ago, I switched to Wellness, which at the time, was a smaller producer of pet food. I was attracted to the all-natural ingredient list. But what really mattered was the safety of my cats and this brand had been the subject of any recalls that I was aware of. Luckily, my cats love it.

It is more expensive than grocery store brands or even the premium versions of the name brands, but it is worth it to me.

I also think that a diet of Wellness all-natural ingredients has made and ocntinues to make my cats feel, look, and act younger than their ages. Your mileage may vary, but I gladly pay for Wellness quality.

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